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WordPress is a web-based software that is very popular among web designers and developers. It is a Content Management System that enables users to create websites easily and customize them with the help of themes and plugins. Either you can download it and host it on your web server for creation of your own website or create an online account on its online version for developing and maintaining blogs or websites. Furthermore, you can download its mobile app from online store and manage your website content by logging in to your account.

It is the most common platform around the world that is being used for blogs and websites. The reason behind its increasing popularity is its feasibility and the capability of handling and hosting any content, dynamic Ecommerce sites, event calendars and audio or video broadcasting support. It strictly follows the web standards and provides a lot of features to satisfy the user requirements. The online account enables you to develop responsive websites that look good on every device. By using PHP language and MySQL database, the features can be controlled at the back end.

The theme of the website defines the frontend of website i.e. the User Interface. You can either choose from the existing themes or upload your own Themes from other sources. The custom themes can be developed by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and PHP. The features and GUI of the site depends upon the chosen theme, therefore one has to be careful while taking a decision. WordPress offers a lot of free themes, whereas many paid themes are also present that are called Premium. Further categorization of Featured, Popular, Latest and Commercial Themes allows users to search for suitable options easily.

Plugins enable the users to add new functionalities to the already existing features of their websites and blogs. These are very helpful when developers want to customize the websites according to the requirement of their customers or to make them more user friendly according to the modern methods. The plugins can be chosen from the various available options while custom created ones can be uploaded for hosting. With the help of these plugins, the developers can customize their website for search engine optimization and can create online Ecommerce Stores, personal portfolios and organizational websites.

Other Features:
WordPress helps you manage your website content and different activities. It is a free system that provides automatic formatting for articles and posts and thus maintains standards. You can easily add posts containing text, images, videos or audio and can personalize the websites by adding custom options in menus. The Stats option allows you to view the visual statistics about activities and number of visitors for every day, week, month or year.

WordPress is a blogging software through which dynamic websites can be created for different purposes. The users can avail the opportunity in the form of where the developed websites can be hosted. By using its various features, the developers can easily customize the website functions and look according to their needs and can control the activities more efficiently.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a professional software suite which is dedicated to record, master, edit and mix audio. It is basically a digital audio workstation that provides a platform where individual or multiple files can be selected and various audio processing functions can be applied on them. Initially the software was known as Cool Edit Pro; however it was renamed as Adobe Audition when it was acquired by Adobe Systems in the year 2003. The software allows you to process audio in a non-destructive way and is resource efficient. It is a complete application that is suitable for advanced and professional users.

Multi-track Sessions:
The audio processing software enables you to work in multi-track mode so that you can create mix and remix of songs or music. You can work with maximum of 128 files at a time. Whole Audio files or their sections can be copied, cut, trimmed, cropped and can be combined with multiple other files. Moreover, you can apply the effects of delay, 3D echo, amplitude, noise reduction, modulation, stereo imagery, time & pitch, reverb, equalizer, distortion and chorus to enhance the audio quality. The mixer option provides the users with an editor where various settings of the audio can be adjusted.

Other Features:
Once the processing is done on the audio files, you can burn the songs or music on CDs with the help of Blu-ray burning feature. This feature helps you maintain the high quality of audio and can burn up to 2 GB of audio file simultaneously at a time. Adobe Audition offers Metronome option which is used for accurate recording of audio in a timely manner. The loudness and dynamics of audio are kept accurate. In case any anomalies and noise have occurred, then equalizers, Spectral Frequency Display and Adaptive Noise Reduction tool can be used for removing them.

User Interface:
The GUI of Adobe Audition is very user friendly. The options are well-categorized into the menus and separate tabs pop up when you choose any option. This feature helps you perform every action individually and easily revert any action if you are not satisfied with the result. Preferences option in Edit Menu lets you customize the layout and adjust the position of each tab. The adjusted settings can be saved as templates and can be adopted for other projects of the same category. There are four major modes of display; Waveform, Spectral Frequency, Logarithmic and Spectral Pan Display.

Adobe Audition is an advanced tool suitable for professional users who are well aware of video processing. Either you can edit individual files or create sessions where a large number of files can be edited. Its complexity is too high-level for new users, but tutorials and help guide can help them in an effective manner. The software suite comes equipped with all the necessary features that are required for creation and editing of audio tracks and its intuitive user interface enables its users to access all the features quite easily.

Hotspot Shield software

Enhance Your Web Browsing and Internet use Security with use of the Hotspot Shield Tool .
Using the internet subjects you to all sorts of spying and if you want to remain unanimous and protect yourself from unauthorized persons or programs spying on you, then you can use the Hotspot Shield tool. This encryption software creates a virtual private network or VPN that works between your computer or smartphone device and the internet getaway. The tool has impenetrable tunnels, which cannot be accessed by ill-intended people or programs on the internet such as hackers, spying tools, and snoopers.

Why do you need the Hotspot Shield Tool? The program helps prevent spying on information that you send over the internet such as browsing activities, downloads, instant messages, and credit card information. In addition, this security tool offers similar privacy protection as that provided by web proxy but at a more advanced and security-enhanced environment than protection provided by web proxy.

Since the standard antivirus tools you use in your computer or smartphone device protects the device, and not your web activities, it means that you are still vulnerable to spying and spoofing from hackers and other internet thieves. The Hotspot Shield virtual private network ensures that your internet connections are anonymous, private, and secure thus adding more value to your web browsing experience.

This software tool protects your IP address meaning that you browse privately without worrying about your identities being known. This prevents spammers and hackers from spying and monitoring what you are doing online. This is important since you do lose your confidential information to the wrong people.

There are times when you want to remain anonymous so that other internet users do not know the location and identities of your computer and where you are accessing the internet. Hotspot Shield enhances web anonymity by use of tunnels that are encrypted between your device and the private servers. Wi-Fi hotspots have increased insecurity in internet access and computer use.

Through the shared internet networks on Wi-Fi platforms, other internet users accessing the network can monitor your computer activities. This can encourage hackers and snoopers in stealing your private information. This tool protects you from the loopholes created by Wi-Fi hotspots, airports, offices, hotels, and other locations where there are shared internet access. Your computer and internet browsing cannot be accessed or monitored by snoopers and hackers.

Moreover, shopping online and making bank transactions needs to be done in a very secure internet connection. The security and privacy provided by the software tool ensures that you have a secure web session that protects your data, personal information, banking, and online shopping with use of hypertext transfer protocol secure (https) encryption, a secure version of the http.

Finally yet importantly, the Hotspot Shield latest version has the ability to protect you from malware attack. This program tool works with different devices and operating systems such as smartphones, windows, and Mac. In essence, you can protect your browsing and internet use with this security and private solution tool. This enables you to conduct online banking, online shopping, web browsing, and other activities in privacy and well protected environments.

Ensure you are private, secure, and anonymous online!
• Works on the PC and the MAC, including new operating systems (Windows 7 and Snow Leopard)
• Protect yourself from identity theft online.
• Hide your IP address for your privacy online.
• Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.
• Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices.
• Works on wireless and wired connections alike. Provides Unlimited Bandwidth.
• Secure your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.

BlueStacks software

BlueStacks 2 – a treat for the gamers and app fanatics – BlueStacks is actually one of the most beneficial production software that helps you, in using mobile apps easily on your laptop or computer. These apps can be downloaded from BlueStacks or you can even download them independently or the third option is that, you can sync the apps easily from your Smartphone through the android app. It is very easy to enjoy games on big screen with the help of this app and it does not matter if, you are using Mac or Windows.

Android phones boast thousands of different apps through which, users can get informed, entertainment or socialize with their friends and family. Most of the android apps are only available on the smart phones and laptop and desktop users cannot enjoy them. BlueStacks is one of the most innovative apps that can bring all of the android apps to your Mac or Windows operating system.

• You can enjoy different apps on a full screen and the good thing is that the app does not get slow or fussy. It runs in a smooth and fast manner, as the operating system of your laptop/desktop is actually more powerful than the Smartphone. Your games and apps will run in a flawless manner and you will certainly enjoy more.

• Apps can be controlled easily with the help of your mouse or keyboard control. As you know that most of the games are played with the help of touch screen on android phones, these games can become somewhat difficult to play on the Mac or Windows. But most of the games can be played easily and there are no technical issues.

• BlueStacks can organize the apps and make it easier for you to become used to the interface. You can later organize the apps and make different folders to access your apps quickly. There is no need to go through the entire selection of apps available, as you can customize the folders easily. It also means that non-android users can make use of different apps on their desktop or laptop even, if they don’t have a Smartphone.

What are the BlueStacks pros?
1. App launches quickly
2. Software allows smooth running of the app in a high quality mode

What are the BlueStacks cons?
1. Few games don’t run smooth, as their touch screen features aren’t fully compliable with Mac or Windows.
2. Requires a powerful operating system to enjoy apps from a new angle.

It is one of the pioneering software out there in the market that allows, you to access and enjoy android apps from a new dimension. Though, we cannot say that BlueStacks is a complete replacement for the android device but still it carries a lot of interesting features. Initially there were a few bugs that were fixed quickly to allow the users to enjoy apps in a sound manner. The touch screen issue, which is taking place with a few android apps, is currently being looked after to make BlueStacks a perfect app.

Changes on the new version:
1.New Settings UX. 2.Windows file manager added in settings which gives us ability to use photo sharing from windows on apps like Wechat which do not hook into android gallery.